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  • Risk Assessment & Identification
  • Hazard Determinations
  • Exposure Route Evaluations
  • Protective of Public Health, Safety & the Environment
  • Sampling & Testing Services
  • Air, Water & Particulate Monitoring Programs
  • Lab Data Tabulation/Evaluation
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Decontamination Plans & Procedures
  • Engineering Control Options
  • Biohazard & Bloodborne Pathogens Response
  • Collaboration with CIH & CSPs

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The EHS field has predominantly focused on human exposures to toxic pollutants and hazardous substances. The impacts from historical dump sites like Love Canal to current events like the train derailment in Palestine, Ohio have put an emphasis on the environment. However the placement of the "E" in EHS is starting to shift toward a renewed emphasis on Health & Safety with the restructuring of the acronym as "HSE".

Since the COVID pandemic, there is no doubt that all humanity should list "Health" as the number one priority. The rising numbers of illnesses, cancers, deaths and expensive medical treatments continues to rise. Nevertheless, the cumulative effects of environmental pollutants coupled with a myriad of new synergists that endanger human health have exploded in the past decade. An old example of a harmful synergist is smoking cigarettes as it relates to people diagnosed with asbestosis and mesothelioma. If you were a smoker, you had a significantly higher risk of becoming ill and developing lung cancer.

It's become more difficult for our medical establishment to pinpoint the exact cause of illnesses. There's simply too many potential contributors from phthalates, PFAS (forever chemicals) and microplastics to herbicides and pesticides like glyphosates and paraquat dichloride to GMOs, EMFs, Chemtrails, mRNA, spike proteins, and heavy metals like mercury and aluminum in vaccines. This toxic soup of human engineered pollutants is creating maladies within our bodies at the cellular level that are synthesizing the plethora of diseases that are proliferating throughout the world.

Through the management of thousands of remediation sites and hazmat incidents with scores of different chemicals and petroleum products, we have provided the means necessary to protect human health. The measures to do so have included medical and air monitoring to PPE, respiratory protection and engineering controls. Looking back, it seems that managing health & safety in the EHS field may be less complicated than maneuvering our personal health through all these new modern era threats. Life EHS incorporates these type of issues along with proven solutions into our HASPs and training programs.

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