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We are one of the most-esteemed buildings construction company. We have earned this respect through the quality and long-lasting structures that we have developed over the years.

  • Written Plans, Programs & Updates
  • Facility Audits & Field Oversight
  • Contractor Compliance & Risk Management
  • Contingency & Business Continuity Plans
  • Process Safety Management
  • OSHA / EPA Training...for Life!
    • Hazwoper & Confined Space Entry (CSE)
    • Biohards Safety, Toxicology, Emergency Response Consulting
    • Chemical / Facility Worst Case Scenarios
    • Tabletop Exercises & Drills

Our business operations

Being safe is a combination of an awareness of dangerous situations and the knowledge of rules and regulations set in place with the objective of returning people back to their loved ones at the end of each day. It's also the right of an individual to question what actions they are about to undertake and obtain input from others to address their concerns.

Safety starts with a written set of procedures and guidelines pertaining to job duties within their work environment and then implementing systems practiced and followed to maximize the well-being of all workers at a facility or on a job site. Training programs are designed and shared with applicable workers, and personnel are evaluated to ensure their ability to comprehend and follow safety requirements.

Life EHS incorporates real life situations and lessons learned from near miss incidents as well as injuries and fatalities in an attempt to maximize safety on a daily basis, while at work or at play. It's the pragmatic approach to safety that develops the teamwork and commitment within the entire workforce. The requirement for documentation sets a precedent for the oversight of every job, every project and every person. Let us help you be safe...for life!

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